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Perfect Dishes

3 Perfect Dishes For Working Lunches

While everyone loves to take long and leisurely lunch breaks, sometimes our jobs demand working lunches. And, when you find yourself in charge of planning a working lunch for your team or another group, there can be a lot to consider.

To make it easier on yourself, focus on the big things — colleagues and/or clients you need to invite, what time and day are best, and what cuisines and dishes are best served at a group working lunch. From there, you can narrow down your choice of restaurants that fit the bill.

Stockyards Tavern & Chophouse in South St. Paul is the perfect place for working lunches. Stockyards has large indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as private dining areas that are well-suited for large groups and working lunches. Our menu of classic American chophouse cuisine offers options for everyone, including dishes that work perfectly for working lunches in the Twin Cities.

Soup, Salad, and Sandwich Options

When it comes to cuisine for a working lunch, it’s best to keep it simple. Think soups, salads, and sandwiches. Skip the saucy noodles, messy ribs, and sizzling plates of fajitas. Dishes that are easy-to-eat, quick-to-clean up and don’t take up table space are ideal for group meals and working lunches.

Stockyards Tavern & Chophouse, one of the best American restaurants in St. Paul, serves a variety of soup specials, entree salads including a chicken Cobb and classic Caesar, and a great selection of sandwiches, wraps, and handhelds. Sandwich options include a classic American BLT, corned beef, and a Midwest favorite, pan-fried Walleye. Soups, salads, and sandwiches are delicious, simple selections for working lunches, and the options at Stockyards are always crowd-pleasers.


For those looking for a flavorful, filling, and inexpensive lunch option, a Stockyards burger will always do the trick. With a range of different topping, condiment, and sauce options, Stockyards Tavern & Chophouse’s Charbroiled Burgers are perfectly cooked to order and served with house fries, tater tots, fruit, or coleslaw. Want to go big? Stockyards’ Signature Patty Melt is right up your alley. And Stockyards offers plant-based burgers and veggie burgers for the vegans and vegetarians on your team.

Appetizers for the Table

When and if your team is comfortable with it, ordering a variety of appetizers to share can be a great way to order for a working lunch. Team members can graze while they work, try a variety of different dishes, and skip the stuff they don’t enjoy. Even better? The group can skip all the time it takes to order individually and keep that time for the work to be done.

The friendly, helpful staff at Stockyards Tavern & Chophouse will help you coordinate your next working lunch in St. Paul. We encourage groups to make arrangements ahead of time, and our team is always happy to accommodate groups’ unique needs. Make a reservation at Stockyards for your working lunch in St. Paul or call 651-350-7743 for more information!

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